who daphuk…

…do you think you are?

i’m talking to you – the “courteous” asshole in front of me lately at every backed up intersection.

it never fails…

i’ll be waiting in some god-awful line of traffic and this dickweed in front of me decided to be the “good samaritan” or the “cool guy” and let in three or four people who are trying to get out on a busy street. now he feels better about himself, maybe thinks that karma will work his way today because he let out a car or three into a busy street where it’s backed up for blocks. weeks later, when that karma card doesn’t seem to be playing, he might even wonder why.

ass clown, lemme tell you…

…it ain’t working because while you were good to those two or three cars you pissed the fuck off the two or three DOZEN cars behind you! now we have even more vehicles in front of us, including that blue honda who’s driver was still in the fucking store we’re involuntarily camped next to, and we all saw her walk out, start her car, and drive to the entrance of the lot only for you to let her in ahead of us. now she lollygagged about getting through the light since she was tweeting on her phone (#latte!) and cost us all the light so we’re STILL fucking sitting here. so, yeah, you were cool to her – why the fuck can’t you be cool to the dozens of us steaming behind you while we read on the back of your prius that “meat is murder” and “hug a cow – they’re soft!” and such. so you don’t eat meat or use gas? why are you even on this planet?

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