i know what i was about to say, damn it!

we all have our little pet peeves…

…and this is about one of mine.

while i know it’s thought of as “romantic” AND the sign of some kind of soul-soaked connection when couples can complete each others sentence’s, i’ll never understand why some complete strangers feel the urge to try it with me.

does this happen to anybody else?

i’ll be talking to a clerk at a convenience store…or a customer at the shop…or a waitperson trying to get my order in…and they’ll say the last word of the sentence ALMOST in unison with me. i get the first letter or syllable out and then they jump on the last part of the word, sometimes attempting to say it faster and louder than me, like we’re in the final round of charades and money’s on the line.

this can’t just happen to me, right?

this should, for all intents and purposes, be a very minor annoyance…but it’s been happening so much lately that it’s really starting to get on my nerves. i don’t get the point or purpose – do you think you’re saving me time? do you think i’ll feel we have some deeper connection because you “get” me? or are you that in a hurry for it to be your turn to talk?

all seem feasible, and all are equally annoying.

so if any of you have the privilege (or lack thereof) of dealing with me in person DON’T do this – i won’t think we’re kindred spirits or anything…i’ll just think you’re really annoying.

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