good-bye, you agave-laced thug, you

last night we bid an old friend good-bye…

…okay, not that old a friend. but he looked old:


it’s tupaquila – our dead tupac looking bottle of tequila, which we originally bought to toast our wedding, but ended up going more traditional with champagne. it sat on the table, amongst all the other day of the dead stuff, and we then thought we’d just transport it to NOLA for the honeymoon. cooler heads prevailed, however, due to the weakest point in the structure (the neck) being the part you needed strongest (i.e. the skull was the “stopper”, and said weak spot while transporting would result in a catastrophic loss of fluid) so it stayed home and we just kind of ignored it sitting on top of the fridge…planning to uncork it on our anniversary.

but, again, we drove to crescent city for our anniversary (and bret & leo’s wedding cocktail party) so we let him sit at home again. i think we cracked it open when we got back and had our traditional relax at home day as end most vacations, but we never really got back to it regularly…last night, however, did him in. he’ll now sit all hollow on top of the fridge as a keepsake until we find a better place for him. it wasn’t bad tequila, but the packaging is what stole the show…

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