scratchy & the gayness (a twice on humpday bit)

hmm – which part of this to do first?

(literally flips coin – gayness wins)

i thought i’d told more people this story, but the ufc had never heard it so maybe i didn’t? anywho, when i was production director at KTSW i had students that worked for me as production assistants. one time i went to meet one up at old main (the building you see on all the mugs and sweatshirts from texas state, then called “swt”) and there was only one car up there which had a little rainbow flag texas in the center of the license plate like this:

los plate

when i walked up to josé (name changed) i said, “dude, i had no idea”. when he asked what i meant, i responded with “that honda downstairs – you had told me you got a new accord, but i didn’t know you were gay. i saw the sticker on the plate…if i ever made some joke that upset you, i apologize – understand that i am SOOOO not homophobic, i had no issues with other peoples lifestyles, and anything i might have said, or will say, that upsets you know that it comes from a place of humor, not of hate…”

“WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?”, he replied, “i’m NOT gay, dude!!! what fucking sticker are you talking about?!?”

so i explained to him about the rainbow texas, and what it meant (keep in mind this was the mid-nineties, and said symbol was just starting to be known for it’s current meaning, and so most of straight culture had no idea). “NOW it all makes sense!”, he continued, “i keep having guys smiling at me at stop lights and shit…even being kinda flirty if the window’s down. i couldn’t fucking figure out, but now i get it – the previous owner’s plates are still on it ’cause i bought it from a friend of my sister’s who is gay, and he left his plates on for now since his new car has dealer plates and we didn’t have any temp ones till i got the car registered in my name!”

we had a good laugh about it and continued with our saturday editing lab.

i saw an actor on tv the other day that looked like josé the other day and wondered what ever happened to him. his real name is actually a pretty common hispanic first and last name but i found him on facebook and we chatted a bit. he used to be a successful tejano radio dj (i taught him well!) but is now a very happy junior high principal in the dallas area…

…and he’s gay.

half the pics on his profile have rainbow flags in them. don’t know if he was bullshitting me (my speech was sincere – he could have owned it and i wouldn’t have outed OR hassled him. or maybe that plate turned him? the world will never know…

and saturday this happened:


you always see “win up to 21 times” or whatever on the tickets, and i always think to myself, “or LOSE as the case may be (and typically is) but this time i actually DID win twenty-five times…$250 total. the last time i won something like that i won 200, but it was off a single number winning $10 with the 20x symbol. this one dragged it out to all twenty-one chances and it was pretty awesome! one third of our vegas tickets paid for with a five dollar scratch off ticket…not a bad way to start your saturday!

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