everybody into the pool!

i’ve spent a good chunk of the last few days with this guy…

pool tease

it’s not uncommon for a tween boy to want to see a superhero movie. what IS uncommon is for the studio to specifically ask you NOT to let that happen. a few days before the movie opened social media was all about telling you NOT to let your kids see it. it’s NOT a kids movie. it’s the first super hero movie in modern time to get the “R” rating…

…and it had one of the biggest opening weekends of any of them. shit, even girls got into it:


there are typically three things parents worry about when it comes to movies, so let’s cover that:

language – the kid lives with me, so this wasn’t even in the realm of a mild concern for ours. there’s lots of it, though.

violence – plenty of that, too. of course, if your kid plays most of the modern video games that’s not a big deal.

sex – the full frontal stuff of ryan reynolds is (sorry ladies) almost a non-issue as it’s a fight scene and is fast paced action so not a lot to see there. the sex montage scene, the stripper scene, and the brief unicorn masturbation are the greater concerns with you here (the latter put in the list because my wife insisted, i didn’t see that as a big deal).

so, who wants to go with me to see it a third time? i’ll be curious if we don’t see more r-rated ones coming out now that this one has crashed so many of the box office numbers of the other ones…

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