TGIF – or so i’m told

for me “friday” is “tuesday”…

…and the start of my “real” hours.

i work a forty hour week just like the rest of you…occasionally with some overtime thrown in. but my “weekend” is tuesday & wednesday and so “monday” is “friday”, which is why i’m one of the only motherfuckers you’ll meet who’s fucking chipper and happy when it’s monday.

i’m an odd guy.

this last monday i was was chipper and happy for extra reasons – one, ’cause i was finally gonna see anthrax. and two ’cause the shit weekend was over. i guess “shit” might be overdoing it, but even though i pull thirty of my hours on friday, saturday, and sunday, they’re typically stress-free hours…or at least low stress. and this last weekend was no exception – but the time AWAY from the shop had two full blown panic moments, which i’m not used to nor happy about.

first was friday, or more technically, the wee hours of saturday morning between midnight and one – i had some dough to put in the chase atm. they recently switched to chip cards, which means that now instead of doing that crafty swipe thingy where you can’t do it TOO fast or it doesn’t read, but you can’t do it TOO slow or it freaks out, now you’re expected to shove your card in the machine and just leave it there for the duration of your transaction time. i’m still not used to this. couple that with it being late and me being sleepy from a boring-ass night at the shop and i put in my card, typed away, dropped in the feria, grabbed my receipt and split – leaving my card. i made it all the way across town before i caught it…and started to head back but a wreck on the interstate had me majorly delayed. the chase rep said not to bother – there were no pending transactions on the account after my drop and the card was now cancelled…so i’m just waiting on the replacement all while feeling a wee bit dipshitish. (yes, spell check, i know that wasn’t a real word)

on sunday i woke up to a tire that looked low. no biggie – i had (past tense) an air compressor that runs off your cigarette lighter, so i hooked that up, started it, and walked off (it’s really slow). when i came back out the tire read as full so i went to unhook it and the valve broke, with air rushing out. my mind ran gigs of data in milliseconds – how do i get to work? if i take the ufc’s car how does she get to the store? if this isn’t fixed now how do i get the boy to school on monday? i put the valve cap back on and torqued it down to where the hiss stopped. i ran back in the house in a panic, grabbed my shit, and bailed hoping it would hold enough air to keep it off the rim for the whole four mile journey to wal-mart, which was the only place i knew open for this kind of shit at 8:30am on a sunday. it made it fine, we popped the valve and replaced it and all was well…and i was fully awake with ZERO caffeine in my system.

so hopefully this weekend goes smoother, damn it!

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  • Kramer Feb 12, 2016 @ 9:18

    >i’m an odd guy.

    And yet, the myth persists that I’m the weird one.

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