i like being antisocial, damn it!

so, i get to finally check another one off the list…

…and i might have found a new favorite venue in austin to boot.

ant2 ant1

i finally got to see anthrax! sure, they only had four of the five members of my preferred line-up…but they put on a great show, the crowd was cool, and ’cause they opened for lamb of god i got home early enough to still get enough sleep for a school night!

(you know you’re getting old when that last one even makes the list)

but i had a good time and REALLY dug the venue (moody theater /acl live). i literally don’t think there’s a bad seat in the house…i’ve dipped on shows that were there previously due to all the tickets being in excess of $150, and will continue to do so when shit’s that outlandish – but these were around $45 all in and it was totally worth it. outside of metallica and ac/dc i’m almost out of rock bands i wanna see and have yet to until some new shit comes along…

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