the eagle has landed, and now we have our third

this should, hopefully, be the last “classic rock death monday”…

…but this one is a bit different.

it’s glenn frey, from the eagles. again with the cancer. again with the age bracket (they’re all in their late sixties). plus, i guess we lost natalie cole as well. dropping like flies, they are. i bet classic rock stations are having a field day programming tribute weekends.

unlike bowie and lemmy frey (and i suppose cole, to be fair) aren’t getting tribute send ups here. no header’s gonna be done in their honor like i did with the others. i’m not making a graphic for my social media that i’ll also make the centerpiece of some bit where i tell the story of the one time i got to see them live. i never saw either of them live. not because i didn’t have a chance…just ’cause i didn’t care. still don’t to be honest with you. it’s just kind of one of those “well, that kinda sucks” bits of news in my world although, to be honest, i guess it’s just how it is. people get old and die. it’s not like i woulda WISHED death on either of them, but it ain’t like mail delivery won’t happen on their birthday, ya know? i remember the natalie cole duet with her dad, and how the video was considered “cutting edge” at the time for the way they synced old and new footage. i know glenn frey was in the eagles, and i can name several eagle’s tracks – but only one solo frey track, “smuggler’s blues” off the ridiculous selling miami vice soundtrack.

while i don’t feel one of the previous submissions i got for a “deadly third” counted (celine dion’s husband? really, leia?) i do feel frey does. so now, hopefully, all the rock deaths are done for the year…and in january no less. either this year will be smooth sailing for the aging rock crowd or a serious motherfucker. i guess we’ll have to see…

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