un be-weed-able

it’s official – now that pot is legal in several states in one way or another marijuana deaths in the united states were up three HUNDRED percent in 2015 compared to 2001…

…because three hundred percent of ZERO is ZERO.

meanwhile prescription drug overdose deaths actually are THREE FUCKING TIMES what they were in 2001 but that shit’s still WAY legal. and that’s just from O.D’ing…that’s not counting all the unholy side effect deaths, some of which are actually listed as “death”. can you believe that shit? “death” as a fucking side effect?

and yet weed is still illegal.

no jump in crime where it’s been decriminalized. in fact, quite the opposite – a lot of them did blanket pardons for folks with just simple marijuana possession charges so it actually eased up the legal systems clogged with weed-holding idiocracy. all that anybody can tell me negative about it (my friends against legalization, that is) is that…well…it’s illegal. it used to be booze was. or women voting. but we changed that. we’re a country that adapts with the times…just ask the thousands of same sex couples that made it legal last year.

i think we need to continue to evolve.

i once thought pot would be legal in texas before gay marriage – but the federal government stepped in and changed that. don’t get me wrong – i wanted BOTH to be legal in texas, but since jesus doesn’t like the gays (or so i’m told) i figured that was out for a while here in the buckle of the bible belt. but i’ve never heard anybody profess that he has some issue with a plant that, let’s face it, his dad kinda CREATED; i figured it was the shoe in for firsties. not so much. but while many people want weed legal, they don’t have NEARLY the budget that big pharm does – and big pharm is WAY against it becoming legal for three reasons:

1. it can treat a lot of what people pay them money for at a cheaper rate
2. it’s impossible to kill yourself with it
3. with the exception of rambling calls to pizza hut, driving too slowly, and a new found appreciation for squidbillies there really are no side effects

all of which loses them a metric shit ton of money. and they can’t have that.

that’s why none of the drugs FIX problems. remember when real scientists ran this shit, not corporations? or, at the very least, the corporations cared more about their patients than their bottom line numbers? there’s no money to be made if you CURE things. back in the day they CURED polio and the like. now we just TREAT things. how is it we regressed? we used to could cure, but now we can only treat? diseases have progressed at a greater rate than modern science?


we don’t cure because there’s no fucking money in the cure. one and done doesn’t make your stock prices go up. it doesn’t buy your ceo a bugatti or a bungalow in cabo or a one off wu-tang cd. but get them addicted? be the big money version of that rock slangin’ shithead on the street corner? NOW you’re fucking talking. if crack wasn’t addictive, and somebody could do it just once and say, “i’m good” there wouldn’t be a crack epidemic and crack dealers wouldn’t own shit like this:


but they do – and the “legitimate” pharmaceutical industry (no, those quotes are FAR from a mistake) learned from that shit. why slang rock on the corner when you can slang viagra and prozac and all that other poison through doctors with the government’s blessing? sure, they COULD cure cancer or mental illness – probably could have ten times over by now. but first, we gotta make sure the septuagenarian senator that greased our shit through the f-d-a can get it up to bang his secretary.

shit, at least we have our priorities right.

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