again, the title loses some impact because the “i” will look capital on the site…

…but some shit i just can’t make up.

the ufc told me about this (not that we’re expecting, nor will we ever be (much to shane’s dismay) because she thought it was funny. she knew where it’d end up…’cause where it ends up is what makes the bit magical:


it hooks to your mp3 player or smart phone, and broadcasts your favorite playlist where the sun don’t shine…but where your unborn child can better hear it as compared to, say, cranking your home system or using and “abdominal speaker”, which i had no idea was a thing…

twat tune

…but apparently it’s a thing.

i like how part of it looks like it’s supposed to be a bit “stimulating” for the mom, or maybe i’m just looking at it wrong? it also comes with earbuds so mom-to-be can jam along with the little one. talk about boldly going where no music has gone before…

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