semi-recycled metal

i can’t remember where i did this originally…

…and this ain’t no cut ‘n paste shit.

i either did this originally for kramer’s shit or mine. i honestly don’t remember which. if i had put more thought into this (and more laziness and less laziness all at the same time) i would have dug out my old jump drive that has five hundred plus entries on it that were google cache rescued back in 2008 when i got ass raped by a fatcow server glitch…i could be MORE lazy by cut and pasting the bit, and LESS lazy having to dig out the drive.

but i got MORE lazy and DIDN’T dig out the drive, so now i get to be less and write the shit semi-fresh. i say “semi” because i’m writing in a couple from the original one, that i think i couldn’t find when i RE-did it as a list of eighteen things (as in ‘6+6+6’) so without further ado i present (in honor of lemmy):

six signs you never grew out of your heavy metal phase

6. you have a $700 smart phone with a twisted sister ring tone

5. after only two beers you start a bar fight with a guy that calls the lead singer of judas priest “a fag”

4. for your 40th birthday you payed a professional $250 to re-do your twenty-five year old stick & poke “O-Z-Z-Y” knuckle tattoos

3. you understand this license plate:

cfh plt

2. the wifey’s birthday alludes you but you know the day original metallica bassist cliff burton died.

1. deep down, in your heartest of hearts, you think lemmy is still alive…

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