i get it, i’m broke too

i hate closing out the fresh bits for the year on a downer note, but i feel i gotta…

…’cause i almost fell for it, too.

there’s a thing circulating on social media that looks like a coupon for your local grocery store. a big one. like forty to fifty percent off all your shit kinda big – and just in time for you shopping for your holiday feast!

down here in texas we mainly see it for our chain, h-e-b, but around the country it’s popped up for kroger’s and countless others. it starts innocently enough – you like something on facebook, share a link, and put in some catch phrase. i was already to do it when i noticed the last part of the link i was sent, which said the next step was “complete the other steps at this link to claim your reward”, which red-flagged it for me and i walked away. while i don’t know what those other steps are, and i didn’t follow the link to even look and see so my i.p. address didn’t get tagged or what have you, it was serious enough that down here h-e-b started it’s own ad campaign letting people know that was bogus and not to fall for it…so, um, yeah. watch your ass – the usual rule applies: if it seems to good to be true, it probably is. except for landing my wife – she’s insanely awesome. and on that note, i’m off to spend the holidays with her child free…see y’all in 2016!

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