poser motherfuckers ruin everything

“poser motherfucker”, i remember saying…

while guy fieri, host of the popular eatery show diners, drive-ins, and dives is supposedly quite the car guy, the ’67 camaro convertible he uses on the show is kept in pristine condition and trucked around on a flat bed, only dropped within the block of the restaurant for him to roll up in it. and i know this because herald and i witnessed this back when he worked on sixth street across from casino el camino, which was featured on the show…

…and that apparently killed it.

once a bar who’s patronage looked like a casting call for a rob zombie video, it’s apparently been taken over and ruined by, as much of austin has, up scale white folk wanting to be cool.


and the horror continued for shane down the line – on to san marcos, which seems more and more to try and be modeling itself after downtown austin lately (not in a good way) and lo and behold, other bars seem to have fallen to this gentrified pussification and bastardization.

i blame white folk – more specifically, white hipster douche-bags…


white folk ruin everything…


and this is no exception. for some reason, kitschy white trash shit became in fashion when it used to not be…side burns, trucker hats, shit beer, and such…and as a result, the dive bars got invaded – and used to the cash. then that fell, and we got the hipster fucks and the bars that were once thriving got the option to adapt or die. before, when we used to go, they were dive bars with dive bar crowds and, let’s face it, dive bar revenue streams. no money is easy to deal with when you’re fucking used to it…but let them get a decent cash flow and as the hipster begat the über hipster that demanded dive bar aesthetics (trashy wall hangings, jukeboxes with johnny cash discs on them) meet their spoiled upbringing bullshit (clean bathrooms, good lighting, arcade fire discs two over from johnny cash) and things get fucked. and white. and generic. there’s a reason why small coffee houses fail and starbucks keeps growing – generic is becoming the new hip.

god help us all…

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  • Kramer Oct 28, 2015 @ 17:42

    There’s a minor infestation of hipster in “Keep San Antonio Lame”

    What should we do?

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