my house really needs a new roof…

…but financially, that’s just not in the cards right now. so i gotta figure out how to fix some shit. i THOUGHT we had some of it handled, but the drips on my head at 6:58am on a saturday morning (around four hours after i had fallen asleep) say otherwise. here’s a look at the flow through:

the bedroom – the only leaking room in the “east wing” of the house where all the bedrooms are happens to be, to the best of my knowledge, ours. and the only leak is right over my fucking head. we paid for this to be fixed, and it held through all the summer bullshit, but saturday morning was a rude awakening…literally. i’ll be calling those roofing folks that worked on it monday.

the office – there’s one i can’t for the life of me trace that’s over the office apparently. it “presents” itself right where the external wall and the ceiling meet. caused some mold behind (and to a degree IN) a framed coop print. not fucking cool.

the den/entryway – this is the oldest one, and resulted from a cracked frame on the attic fan. easily fixed, i think…has sprung up as another leak that’s RIGHT in front of that one, so i think one bit o’ silicone will fix ’em both.

the dinining room – this one i found (knothole in the board starting to leak through) but i don’t know how to fix it without pulling EVERYTHING up…but that now appears to be what’s gonna have to happen. what doesn’t help is all of these are down where there’s next to no clearance and i basically have to crawl on 2×4’s to get to ’em and trace their source…like i needed a new reason to drink or something!

the utility room – this one is weird – sprung up during the historic flood of may (at this point we have multiple ones per year, so you just make month versus year references to them) and leaked then seems to have sealed itself as it didn’t even drip this weekend. my kinda leak (i guess)!

and finally…

the carport – this one pisses me off. it didn’t seem like it was that big, but it was consistently dripping. i went attic spelunking on friday in anticipation of the historic flood of october and could see the light coming through were water had dripped through the sheet rock, but then couldn’t get see where it was coming from. i figured since the water had a “drain hole” it would just go out through there rather than pool and cause the sheet rock to crumble. there’s a reason why i’m not a contractor:


so i gotta figure out how to address this on the cheap, ’cause we have a trip in three weeks that needs to happen – if i don’t get some time away somebody’s getting cut.

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