a week from crüe’s day

so, a week ago today i went and saw mötley crüe’s last show EVER in SA…

…and here’s a bit of a re-cap.

1. parking still sucks – $20 to be nowhere near the venue, really? not fun. but at least i figured out that it was better to ditch the line on the parking lot side (100+ people per door on two doors) for the side less traveled by (twelve people) to bum rush merch, only to find out i would have been better off doing merch downstairs by the floor entrance.

2. alice cooper rocks — but i guess i already covered that

3. never too much pyro – due to iphone cameras and bright ass fire not playing nicely, my pics from explosions were a bit lackluster. but it was a lot of this:



crue pyro bass

and from where i was sitting (row six on the floor right in front of mick mars) you could really FEEL it. and speaking of mick mars…

4. mars always out of focus – seriously. i don’t know if you ever really see his face, and he moves hella slow due to his crippling spine condition and all, but even though he was the band member a mere six rows in front of me his face was never in focus:

FullSizeRender(2) image1(1)

meanwhile, from the same distance, you could get this kind of detail on nikki sixx and vince neil:


5. over the top is always cool – the drum set was smaller than i expected (single kick drum, for example) but the rig it was on was a different story:


all the way across the floor, flipping and playing to a backing track the whole time, till he dropped in front of the arena seats. here’s at the peak of it:


and an artsy pic of the return (i didn’t do the color streaks, it was the panoramic camera freaking out on the lights):


the spectacle of it was awesome – but playing to a backing track of everything from sabbath to bruno mars to chemical brothers? not that i don’t like all of the above, but that’s not really a “drum solo” in my eyes.

6. my hard rock prediction – while they’re promoting this as the last TOUR, that doesn’t mean they can’t still PLAY. they did a residence at the hard rock in vegas a while back…i’d look for another one of thöse…

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