the animoon is on!

and i don’t mean it like this…


no, i mean the anniversary honeymoon trip to NOLA!

originally we were doing voodoo fest, but the lineup was kind of lackluster (there’s a couple i wouldn’t mind seeing, but…) and flights got retarded really fast. so, from there, we decided to do our anniversary weekend since it’s only a couple weeks later and we might have a pretty major social event to attend (no spoilers)…

…but then came the new system at the ufc’s job. and the fact that they had to train off time to do it, and her group was scheduled for our anniversary weekend – both saturday AND sunday. and so the trip was nixed.

until tuesday.

when she got back from the labor day weekend, the ufc found out that her training has now been RE-scheduled for the weekend of november seventh, meaning she will work straight through from monday, november second to wednesday, november eleventh, when she will DESPERATELY need time away, and so we drive down to NOLA for a few days!

can’t wait…

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