budnik flash back

as this week makes five years since i got da’ budnik, i figured a flash back from the entry exactly five years ago today makes sense…

…plus, to be honest, i’ve been in a funk and so i really ain’t got shit otherwise:

so, first, the name change…

…i decided against the “D.J.” or “Dude Junior” name and noticed that over the course of three days of hanging out a lot i just kept referring to him as “little dude”, so to give some street cred to the guy i’m going with “lil’ dude”.

and there we are.

so i’m running on sleep dep today. one thing i forgot about puppies – they don’t do well sleeping alone in the crate. just not their thing. he’s gotten better about crate time, but when it comes to sleeping he prefers my head – just like buffi used to. i figure i’ll give him the same deal…it’s all cool still he starts jumping on my head AND weighs over twenty pounds. that was when buff had to start sleeping in calum’s room…so it will go with him (but in a crate).

otherwise he seems to be integrating into the family well. and we’ll get on a new topic as of sunday…

guess it was a slow bit moment back then as well…the funny part was the one comment on the bit, which said “It will be so fun to hear you call for Lil Dude in about a year and out comes this 85lb dog! PERFECT!”, which is of course why “lil’ dude” just became “dude” briefly before we settled on “budnik”. his eight ball dog tag (he’s the eighth dog in my lifetime) still says “lil’ dude”, but just try and get a response with that these days. and despite the prophetic comment he’s topped out at 83lbs…since he’s all trim and athletic and shit.

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