they are motörhead – and they PLAYED rock n’ roll?

my first concert was on my sixteenth birthday, june 19, 1987…

…and till 1999 i had the ticket stub to prove it. i had every ticket stub. no matter what, they always made it home with me. but then, in 1999, when a slightly evil woman moved in with me, and brought a new puppy (duke – rip) who got into my cigar box under my bed and trashed ’em all. SOME survived, but most did not. regardless, they always made it home…

…until tonight.

somehow tonight of all nights the ticket stub i only glanced at once after i put it in my pocket disappeared…maybe when i dug out my keys to get in the car, maybe when i dug for change picking up milk on the way home. but regardless, it left me. which is sad – because it was from what very might well be the last motörhead concert.


he was gonna live till it was just him and the cockroaches…but many are wondering if they’ll go on after three cancellations this week, the last of which i was at tonight. i wish i’d gotten video or picked up that signed drumhead at the merch table. live and learn, right? löng live lemmy!


the sad conclusion:

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  • Shane Sep 4, 2015 @ 23:12

    If nothing else you have the memory and bragging rights to the shows. I always thought Lemmy was semi-retarded because of the way he spoke, but in Ozzy’s book, he mentioned no matter how hammered, the dude was always reading. Sometimes it’s tough enough to read when you got shit going through your head, but to read when your shitfaced and still get something ot of it…Big props to Lemmy.

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