competin’ ain’t cheatin’

we’re number one…

again…and once again, for something we shouldn’t be proud of.

after all the hack and bullshit and what-not it was determined that austin, texas (my birth city and where i’m sitting to write this, actually) had the highest percentage of ashley madison users per capita. heard of this site?


yep, it’s a site specifically set up for the married and nearly married folk to find other people to fuck. isn’t that awesome? and the city i’m sitting in had the highest amount of users based on city population…bet that doesn’t make the chamber of commerce website any time soon!

the extra bit of funny here? while the site is designed and marketed towards married folk and those in long-term relationships, a lot of them DO tend to fuck single people (it’s easier than trying to sneak off to the no-tell motel around TWO different soccer practice & recital schedules, right?) and austin actually had the highest percentage of single users by a long shot…so i guess our city doesn’t have a bunch of married folks that wanna fuck around, but rather single folks that don’t care WHO the hell they fuck…

…which having grown up around here sounds about right.

so are we the cheater capital of the world? or just the horn-dog capital? my vote is for the latter…and either way, it ain’t me! when you marry the perfect woman for you, you don’t fuck it up by fucking somebody else!

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