a very gray day in more than one way

admittedly yesterday was pretty fucking far from all about me, let alone all about my car…

…but as i try to make this page more light and entertaining and less about real emotions, particularly the sad ones, i feel i should extend my buddies (and loyal readers) the same courtesy and not drag their emotional pain out on these screens as well…

so, as a result, i’ll avoid all the real emotion on this and focus on the personally annoying. i’m not a fan of the town of seguin. it’s got its share of my friends there, and that’ll get me out there from time to time, but overall it’s just not a place i’ve ever felt really comfortable unless i was in one of their homes. running around it? not so much.

yesterday i went to lay a friend’s grandmother to rest and the church was in an older, more established neighborhood. while this makes for pleasant architectural viewing, it makes for really crappy curbs. in older spots like that the curbs were long squared off blocks of concrete laid in to stop the soil of the yard from eroding into the streets. they were basically just set in front of the ground in eight foot chunks, and overtime the pressure from the yard will roll bits forward creating an uneven edge:


it should be noted this is off a google image search as i forgot to get a picture of the actual one, which was rolled out a bit further, but you get the idea

so when i parked, but then decided to ease back the half a car length i’d put between me and the suv behind me so somebody else could squeeze in, i rolled into that edge and did THIS to my back wheel:


which is waaaaaay not cool. might be slightly repairable with matte black paint, but otherwise this wheel’s gotta be replaced. i’ve got a little minor scrape on the front one from curb checking in front of the tattoo supply place, but this is pretty major in my eyes. then, either in front of the church or at that lovely power plant restaurant i’ve told y’all about (i’m leaning towards the church) somebody decided mr. gray’s cool dual carbon fiber roundell needed to be wall art or some such shit so this happened:


which will probably combine to me avoiding ghetto-ass seguin for as long as i can. went under sad circumstances, left under even sadder ones? fuck that place…

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