my coolest obsession, part ii

well, all seemed well for about an hour…

…’cause i took my air conditioner drain, which thanks to an over-zealous application of “flex seal” (yes, off the commercials) looked like something from the tar pits:


and made it look nice and professional


but it’s still leaking. this thing is the bane of my existence. i figured it was the janky-ass ghetto-style elbow joint a previous repair man had “created”:


so replacing it all with clean, sealed pvc would fix it…but no such luck. i think i forgot to silicone a seam somewhere, so i re-did the one i think was the culprit this morning, and i’ll see what’s up when i get home. this is seriously driving me nuts. if what i did this morning DIDN’T fix it, i’ll give it one last go on monday morning, then i’m calling in the professionals.

i did learn two lessons the hard way, though:

1. hand soap and water only this out silicone on your hands, it doesn’t wash it off
2. even the slightest amount of silicone in your eye burns and blinds you to the point of scaring the fuck out of you.

not a good way to start a saturday!

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