my oldest and dearest?

i’m typing this as the ufc is getting ready for her first trip to seguin…

…which prompted the following exchange:

“i’m excited about going to seguin – i’ve never been there…”
and that’s why you’re excited, i respond.

so what the fuck has us trekking out so far on this steaming hot summer day? it’s lance’s birthday, and he works a shit-ton, so i’m using it as an excuse for all of us to break our routines and actually hang out a bit. i almost had to talk his ass into it.

i think he might be my oldest friend.

not the “oldest”, age-wise, as he’s younger than several of them…but we’ve known each other the longest. to the best of my recollection we met in 1979 and have pretty much been friends ever since, making him my only friend that actually goes back to the 70’s. and tonight we dine here:

Starcke Park Dam HDR

which is a pretty shot of the building, but taken back when it was an abandoned power plant, and now the inside looks like this:


now stop telling people you’re younger than my wife, you old bastard…you might LOOK like you’re in your thirties, but some of us know better! happy b-day, buddy!

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