dismount proper-like, will you?

You think about this: when you get old, these kids – when *I* get old – they’re going to be running the country. – richard vernon, the breakfast club

that scares the piss out of me. honestly, nothing keeps me going to the gym and watching my weight and keeping the drinking and smoking and what-not in moderation MORE than thinking about how my life would suck fat hot buttered ass if it were dependent on the current generation for it’s happiness and longevity.

fucking seriously.

they’ve never paid for music or known a non-internet world. they grew up knowing websites as verbs (don’t know something? GOOGLE it! need to unload your car? CRAIGSLIST it!) and have also never known a world where we weren’t at war with brown people, even if they don’t know the reason why…although, let’s face it, if anybody thinks it’s for anything BUT profit at this point can you tell me what it is?

*crickets* – moving on…

this current generation can’t even dismount a phone call properly. can you believe that? they ask a question, you answer and they just freeze…no “thank you”, no “good-bye”, just a few seconds of awkward silence and a click. and this happens when i’m at work a LOT. this is the generation that will one day run shit? if they can’t figure out a simple phone call i kinda hope i either die early or remain extremely self-sufficient into my golden years…which given my stubbornness, it’ll probably be the latter.

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