time to get off my ass – and not ’cause somethings stuck up it?

okay, so i guess it’s “put up or shut-up” time in more ways than one…

…but only in two ways, so i guess that ain’t too bad.

i told myself that i would allow myself to be lazy for the first couple weeks of our childless summer, both housework-wise and dietarily. and i proved to myself, and all around me i’m sure, that i do “lazy” rather well. but that time is closed. technically, it closed ten days ago, but back injury flare up caused me to have to take a mulligan on the juneteenth launch date and so now, on what is my weekend (today and the day after) it’s time to actually start seeing some results – both in my home AND my physique.

like i said, “put up or shut-up” time.

and all the while my dog will apparently be celebrating this countries new found love of gay culture by making dildos.

(don’t get me wrong, i know they only passed same-sex marriage legality and all but all the rainbow facebook stuff made it seem like all things fabulous would be the new trend)

all i know is what started looking like this:



ended up looking like this, and being left JUST LIKE THIS in the entryway of the house:


poor han solo – already getting doggy worn while frozen in carbonite in our entryway, and now he’s got a budnik-carved sex toy left by his face. let’s look at that closer:


i guess that was budnik’s way of saying “suck it, han?”. or welcoming newlywed gay couples into our home? i dunno – but i do know adam&eve.com haven’t responded to my emails about him getting a design gig there…

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