the also-rans (a bbq sixer)

my original plans were to do a flashback sixer about past juneteenth bbqs…

…but i swear i’ve done that, so i decided instead to focus on the future, i.e. next year’s juneteenth bbq.

it will be the 20th annual one, which is kind of a big deal, so there will be three things that will differentiate it from the past ones:

1. it will be the last time i call it the “fill in number here annual juneteenth bbq”
2. it will be the first time it has it’s new name, “the seanteenth bbq”

(thanks to my girl leia for the name)

and third…

3. we gotta do it up in style this time and do it somewhere epic

after that i dunno…we had a lot of fun at my boss’s last year, and the crowd was awesome, but they’re selling the house which is why tina & rodney had to come to the rescue on ten days notice and let us invade their place. that was fun, but nobody from work really came ’cause they’re a bit out there, location-wise, which is partially why i stopped doing it at my place (the other big factor being that i don’t like having to clean up after it AND before it). so far the lead candidate for “the big one” is vegas. the ufc grew up there but hasn’t been there in a while, i haven’t been there in about ten years, we’ve NEVER been there together, and it would be fun…so that’s where we’re leaning right now. not at a casino or anything, ’cause i still have to cook the food, so it’ll be a backyard somewhere out there. but just in case that doesn’t work out, i’ve thought of some others…

san antonio – not really “epic”, and not really “far”, but we could always spend the night at my fave hotel there after?

port aransas – getting a bit farther, but we’re kinda spoiled by kramer’s place, and it’s already booked for next year. still a consideration…

south padre island – i don’t think either of us have been (i KNOW i haven’t), and although it’s a bit farther i’ve heard it’s a bit prettier, too:


so that’s a thought as well…i mean, if you’re gonna do the texas coast, do it right!

ruidoso, new mexico – my dad lives here, so we would have a place, and the summertime weather is awesome, but i don’t know how he’d feel about hosting, although due to the logistics of getting there (the closest airport is three hours away) it would probably be just the four of us (me, the ufc, my dad, and stepmom) so this might not work unless i’m feeling really anti-social.

but then, there’s always…

NOLA – it was our honeymoon spot and we go back this year for the voodoo music experience…guess this could be our 2016 excuse? hell, even if it IS just the four of us there (me, the ufc, bret, & leo) it would be fun as hell!

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