hey, white’s a color, too!

nobody will be surprised i felt the urge to comment on this…

…but i had to.

and of course i’m talking about:


all kinds of grief coming about because homegirl thinks she’s black, but she’s not. lies about it. publicly. usually people that do this are pretty harmless…


but this one ended up lying her way to heading the spokane, washington naacp office. THAT’S why folks are freaking out. but let’s not forget what they stand for…literally:


and WHITE, folks, is a color…

i’ll grant you she should be proud of who she ACTUALLY is, but i guess when you study enough black art and black music and black culture in a historically black college (probably getting enough black cock along the way) you could get confused. add to that she married a black guy after college, but i think that ended. but calling your black adopted brother your child? and introducing some random black guy as your dad? that’s a sign of a mental issue from where i’m sitting – and you throw in the taking it so far as to lie on your resume and website about teaching black studies and black history and then lead the historically black organization, the NAACP, in your community?

yeah, home girl got problems…


trying to take it back? no, more like the queen of:

white black
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