so, i guess mr. gray got jealous…

…since i did his intake, he’s been rock solid, so i haven’t had to do any maintenance on him. meanwhile, the camaro still needs to be sold and ’cause it sat a month or so without being driven the top AND the a/c stopped working, so i’ve been trying to get those back up to snuff. and i guess he got a little jealous, ’cause now i have this little amber joy to stare at all weekend:


(the green one’s okay – that just means the cruise control was on when i took the pic)

i didn’t even know what it was and had to google it…turns out it’s the wear indicator on the brakes. what’s interesting is i changed pads AND rotors up front about a year ago, but didn’t swap the wear sensor (which might be where this wear thang is coming from) but the back ones have been making noise forever (i thought it was the front ones, as those are a good bit more important i swapped those last year but then found out the noise was coming from the BACK) so it would make sense the back ones now need a little something-something. hopefully it’s JUST the pads, but i guess i’ll be finding out monday morning before work. hopefully this resets the little light i get to stare at all weekend…and even if it goes out for some reason this WILL be addressed pretty quickly. i tend to drive fast – probably a good idea i can stop on demand, right?

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