port a par-tay? not so much…

i kind of hinted at a beach trip last weekend…

…and it happened this week. for roughly twenty-six hours.

we drove down monday and the weather, reported to be pretty shitty, was just a bit overcast and ominous…until we got about three miles out the coastal causeway that takes you through lots of low-water land to the resort, and then the sky opened up – but an hour later all was well, but too late for the pool to be used, so i posted this on facebook:

port a 1

with the comment “oh, sure – the rain stops just in time for closing time at the pool“. talk about some white folk problems. well, this morning what should look like this:


looked like this:

port a 2

a storm of hurricane proportions blew in over night, flooding the pool area, washing in all kinds of debris, and closing the pool for the day – the one FULL day we had booked. a breakfast run to avery’s kitchen (a great call kramer made) we noticed that we were hit hard but hit LEAST…other trucks coming out of resorts were driving through water you usually see on the “and now that the rain has broke the town can rebuild” kind of news stories…so fearing it might get worse, we bailed and drove home, causing pics like this to be posted:

port a 3

with the caption As the old saying goes, “When Mother Nature kicks you off the beach, go drinkin’ in SA!”

i figure we’ll try again in september if kramer’s schedule will allow it…

wednesday morning update – while the weather ended up not being bad after we left, over night more rain fell, more flooding happened, and storms are worsening today with tornadic activity – so even if we HAD braved the rising tide yesterday the drive today would have been a lot more harrowing than the light rain we plowed through yesterday…

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  • Shane May 15, 2015 @ 1:08

    Hurricane proportions? Really?
    Flooding? Sure. High winds? OK. Hurricane? Maybe not so much?
    Lots of bad weather this spring, but not as bad as folks are yapping about. We just haven’t had any real weather(except for hot as fuck) for the last decade. So when we actually get weather, people don’t remember what it ‘s like. Fuckall, I remember snow in Texas(Austin area)…more than once.

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