plug in, tune out

every marriage has it’s little test, i’ve been told…

…and recently i was faced with one i never would have thought was even “a thing”. but that’s how it all starts, isn’t it? i mean, one person realized a thing is a THING while the other partner in the relationship is totally clueless of it being so.

but apparently it was more of a challenge than i ever would have thought. almost a hurdle, but not quite…enough to where once it was brought to my attention i had to resolve it. and that’s the problem with most of us men, isn’t it? when a problem is brought to our attention we feel WE must SOLVE it. can’t just hang out there in conundrum land – it’s gotta be fixed.

and so it was:

clock 1

and what makes it so fucking special? this…

clock 2

it’s got a headphone jack. apparently that’s a thing. i had no ideas clock radios no longer came with headphone ports because…well…on january 30th of 2009 with a good amount of trix poured tequila in my system courtesy of antonio’s in round rock (rip) i walked in my bedroom, yanked the plug of my clock radio out of the wall, and dropped it into a drawer only to be retrieved three years later and given to a tattoo artist who couldn’t wake up on time to open the shop.

ever since i just use my phone’s alarm.

but the ufc can’t use her phone (and hence, any streaming music) at work any more, but a regular radio with ear buds is kosher…but then you have the cubicle real estate issue at play, so it has to be a small clock radio, and since her office decor does have a theme, i found what you see above. at target yesterday no clock radio, from fifteen to over a hundred bucks had a headphone jack…they all had INPUT jacks, but no OUTPUT jacks. had no idea that was hard to come by…

…what? you didn’t think we were having REAL problems with our marriage, did you?

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  • Shane May 9, 2015 @ 3:27

    Big or small, I’m pretty sure you would whore out a solution on ebay. Homer said beer is the cause of and solution to all of lifes little problems, but with you it’s that little known auction site….where you have picked up some Homer merch over the years.

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