the roof…the roof…the roof is…um…missing?

i admit, this looks worse than it was…


but in case you’re curious, the hole below him is me and the ufc’s bed…which is the bad part. we’ve had some leak issues forever, and they started to escalate again. what you DON’T see in this pic is the source of the escalation, but i’ll explain that in a sec. a few years ago i had a huge branch come down and not make a hole, but make a dent, which years later lead to a hole…i thought. it turns out it lead to two near each other (which is why whole chunks had to be removed, so the new plywood could go truss-to-truss in the roof) and then when he tar papered (you can still say that even though it almost sounds racist, ’cause that’s what the shit’s called…although i was just informed it’s now called “roofing felt”) and started to shingle but stepped on a “soft spot” and we found another hole. HOPEFULLY that’s all she wrote, ’cause they used most of the plywood i had at the house and a bundle of shingles JAB left “just in case” back when he did my roof in (i believe) 1990.

because i provided all my own supplies this nice gentleman charged me $250 and got to work on it right away…it rains again in a week – let’s see if i can just relax and enjoy it for a change!

and now on to my plumbing project of re-routing the drain water from our laundry…

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