friday 13 “not so fresh” bit

i do have a virgin de guadalupe calendar and am well aware to day isn’t friday the 13th…

…which is why title says “friday 13” without the “the” or the “th”.

i’ve discovered the hoarder gene can be fought, but it takes work. i still have some stuff around the house nikki sees no use for, but i do. the same can be said both ways, honestly. but i don’t think her family have hoarder tendencies, where as my mom’s side of the family certainly does. i blame the great depression.

when black tuesday happened my grandmother was twenty-two years old. that kind of shit will make an impact. as a result she took things to the extreme and rarely through out A N Y T H I N G. my uncle followed suit, as did, to a degree, my mom. i figure they were lectured to the point of complying. and that kind of shit will trickle down…so while it might not be genetic in the pure sense of the word, it kinda is, ya know?

i thought i was worse off than i was – yes, there’s some stuff in this house that needs to be gone through and ditched. certain things i have no problem parting with, i just don’t want to for free…others i could give a shit less about. in the last year i’ve discovered boxes in closets that were never unpacked from our initial move here, which happened in september…of nineteen seventy fucking eight.

that’s retarded.

one box i thought i’d hung on to a bit longer than apparently i did, but the newer theorized time line makes sense. i thought it dated back to college, and thought it was totally empty, but instead found a spare tire holder (i think), a kitchen knife with the blade engraved with a name i don’t recognize (another “wtf moment”) and finally bits of ads (rodent chewed) that talk about businesses located in the albertson’s shopping center in laredo…

…and now we have a time line.

i spent spring break of 2002 on the road in laredo & the valley for a couple of days, even doing bits on here about it (lost to the server crash of 2008, i believe – although now that i think about it probably on the cd i need to purge) whereby i had to close all the albertson’s down or at least pull our computers out of them. back then i couldn’t easily put pics up here, so if i saw something i thought would make a good visual bit i just had to describe it really well or, in some cases, hold on to it until i could figure out a way to get things up. in this case a box got held on to, from the laredo albertson’s, for THIRTEEN FUCKING YEARS, which is why this is a “friday 13” bit. and the box i thought was so fucking hysterical?


yes, i thought it was worth toting back, in a full suv, for a few HUNDRED miles, a box that was labeled “T&A – Fast & Fresh”. because who doesn’t enjoy fast and fresh T&A?

did i mention i drank a lot on that trip? yeah, that probably goes without saying when you think about it now, huh?

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