that crooked “E” will make you go blind!

well, it’s been scientifically confirmed…

…not only did my years at dell take part of my soul, they also attempted to take part of my eyesight!

i never knew i needed glasses until i went to get a driver’s license…then i had to take a vision test, and i failed it. so i went and got glasses. this was in 1986. through high school, college, a few magazine gigs, a few radio gigs, working concerts, etc, etc, etc my prescription stayed the same. when i got my eye checked on the dell nickel the first time (march 2004) my eyes were still the same prescription. eighteen years, multiple jobs, all different, some outside, some inside, and when all was said and done my eyes had seen it all but not changed.

then came my one and only “stare at the screen” cubicle job.

keep in mind at star tickets i also did the computer thing, but it was only PART of the gig.

in spring of 2004 my prescription was the same as it had been since 1986, but in 2005 it went up. and again 2006. and 2007. and 2008. finally hitting a peak in 2009 where once again, it had gone up. that was january of 2009. and that was my last eye exam…until today.

and today i discovered that i have developed an astigmatism…which, because that means your eyes bulge out ever so slightly more, means i had to have a slight bump in my glasses prescription. but the contacts prescription didn’t change. essentially my eyes haven’t weakened, just slightly changed shape – so now i know dell was killing my eyes.

good to know. guess i got out of there just in time.

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