twice on saturday

been a while since i did a twofer bit on saturday…

…but these two little fuckers were too little to be their own fucking bits:

i’m the h.r. guy, so it’s okay…

our burnet road shop is in a very old building. and the roof shows it – we’ve had multiple leaks forever, and when a reputable roofing crew (i.e. not just a friend of the landlord) got up there they said the roof over our lobby was “spongy”, which while a good adjective for cake is NOT what you want your roof to be. extra lobby support was needed to now it looks like this:


and while the construction put up professional but crappy looking hand done signs that say “DO NOT TOUCH” and caution tape, i decided to add some flavor:

Burnet Lobby Pole

at other workplaces this qualifies as “offensive”, but here we just call it “funny”.

nom, nom, nom

that’s the latest of six comments in addition the twenty-some-odd likes (and counting) for the latest post on my facebook wall which is a picture of…my breakfast from yesterday. a while back i got the idea to take croissant rounds and roll in meat & cheese. tried a few variations (ham & swiss, turkey & cheddar) and the latest was roast beef and baby swiss. i’ve said it before, and i’ll sait it again – if you had told me that i’d have a device that could store my whole music library, and thousands of pics, and allow me to network and chat and share shit with my friends across state lines that would all be a quarter the thickness of my walkman i’d have told you that you were crazy…and if you’d told me we’d all use it to share pics of our fucking FOOD i would have punched you. but i did it, and got more response than pics of me or the dog or even the family get…save for our wedding announcement. who knew breakfast envy would be a thing?

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