shrimp’s almost done and the shark gets here soon

no, i’m not writing a seafood restaurant review…

…more of a book one.

in 2009, whilst unemployed, i got turned on to the author tim dorsey. at some point in my lifetime i want to be the voice of his audio books. i simply love his work…came in on book number five back then (the stingray shuffle) and quickly got caught up on the previous titles in time for the release of the sixth one, cadillac beach…in fact, for the longest time as a new one approached i would read the entire series front to back so when the new one was released in january i felt like it was all one story; but once we started getting up to hurricane punch (book nine) it started being a bit much to re-read the whole series, and i kind of fell off. some of the later titles i don’t even have the hardcover first editions for (i do, however, have ARC’s on the ones i don’t) and then once i got to atomic for some reason i just fell off the bandwagon. i read 2009’s nuclear jellyfish when it came out because i had just lost my job and i had the time…plus, as this had been a literary addiction born from unemployment six years prior, it just felt right. but after that? i didn’t lose interest per say, just got really behind on my reading.

but i’m feeling much better now.

for some reason it snapped in me last year (2013, that is) and between thanksgiving and xmas i read the books from 2010, 2011 (both – there was a xmas story that year) and 2012…but still didn’t get to the current one. this year i knocked out the one from 2013 and am almost done with 2014’s tiger shrimp tango just in time for next week’s release of shark skin suite next week…

…and now that title of the bit makes sense, i’ll get back to reading on my day off!

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