you know what’s sad?

this looks cooler to me than it does to you already…

…and no, not because both acronyms fit me right now. that has nothing to do with anything.

(i should jot down what these mean to me now as i wrote them on the fly as i was typing this in a sort of free-form-mental projectile thought vomit)

well THERE’S a visual!

i say that because while the writing portion of this software allows me to go all up and down and shit with my typeface on the title of bits, when it puts the shit out there for you good folk to read it does so in all caps. so you’re missing out on that part of the experience tonight. eh, so it goes…

you see, i had a bit for tonight. it was good. it was solid. i came up with the title hours ago and it probably still sits as a temp file in the “drafts” section of this software and it was funny with lots of sidebars and such. but instead i started this with the intention of talking about how the weather caused me to lose sleep last night because we had this polar front and it made the temps drop to the twenties and in not one but TWO separate occasions i’ve more than topped off radiators of cars with just water saying, “fuck it – this ain’t no frozen tundra! we ain’t keeping warm in tauntaun’s bellies and shit out here” which meant the cars could be harmed by laziness/frugalness in not heading to wally-world to get prestone and shit but rather just hit the faucet and call it done…which would suck!

but ain’t nobody got time for that!

and so here i sit – trying to get things going on a bit that ain’t gonna be what it shoulda been (on many levels, i’m afraid) and saying to myself, “what the fuck is the topic?!?!” when i should be saying, “who the fuck cares”.

yeah, you heard me…

…i know nobody will read this for hours…maybe even days. yeah, it’ll show hits ’cause of bootleg bullshitters who’s comments sit in my spam comment folder in perpetuity as my wondrous wordpress wizardry saves said bullshit ads for bootleg louis and shit from getting out on this site to you good people…

…yeah, i said “you people”…or something to that effect. fuck it.

i just need to give up…thanks to some bureaucratic bullshit (and outright carelessness and a love of semi-fine watches) we’ve ended up with an incomplete good bit and…well…this.

god help you if you’ve read this far…

…so before i annoy you, and more importantly me, with incessant babbling i will bid you good-night, marvel and my relative lack of spelling errors, and get some sleep so i can do tonight’s bit tomorrow so you can read it on saturday!


confused? you won’t be!!! after this episode of SOAP!!!

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