tuesday two wheel bit

you remember that great feeling when you got a bike for christmas?

yeah, neither do i.

in truth my first bike, a 1970’s era schwinn stingray might have been a christmas gift, but i think it was a birthday thing. i just remember it was awesome, and i loved it, and i learned how to take it apart and rebuilt it as a bmx bike complete with bright yellow skyway mags and i loved it to death and it is still the only thing ever stolen from my home that wasn’t taken by some bitch i’d been fucking…

…not that i’m bitter. oh, who the fuck am i kidding – i TOTALLY am.

i tried at one point to “replace it” but at the time the stingray was done by schwinn and the occ chopper guys so it looked like this:


which i still own, and let oz ride, but it’s not really me and sure as fuck ain’t as cool as the original:


and one year i DID give myself a schwinn for christmas, and it was kind of a hybrid of the two:


(at this point i’d like to point out that i’m being lazy and pulling images off google rather than actually pull bikes out of storage in my studio)

but this one i don’t HAVE to be lazy about…’cause…well…there’s no room for it in the studio at this point:


it’s a beast…shit, it’s THE beast! as in that’s what it’s called. it still needs some minor tweaks (i’m thinking i’m gonna lose most of the decals, re-do the pedals and grips, and that should do it). the decal thing is touchy because the matte black paint job (factory) on this fifty-seven pound, 26×4 tire behemoth is pretty unforgiving, but i may have to post pics when it is. the latest project is underway!

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