so is every day a “thing” this month?

we’ve all heard of “black friday”…

…which is, of course followed by “small business saturday”, the lesser known distant cousin, where you’re supposed to spend a little of what you have left after loading up on four dollar sixty inch plasma tv’s from big stores like wal-mart and best buy with mom & pop places.

then comes sunday where, like jesus, we rest…sunday is never anything, unless it’s for your parents (see “mother’s day” and “father’s day”) or the one thing texans hold in higher regard than family OR jesus (see “super bowl sunday”). and then there’s “cyber monday”, which i’d never heard of until i worked at dell, and i thought that was it. until i got this:


so now today is a thing? seriously? i had no idea…and nobody else i know did either. so, do we really have to do this? or can we look at making this go away? i’m curious to see if we have another bullshit number sign holiday tomorrow?

and by “number sign” i mean “pound sign”…

…oh, wait. apparently now it’s called a “hash-tag”. at least as of when this is being written. who the fuck knows what the fuck it’ll be called by the time you read this.

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