you’re going the wrong way!

and i’m not drunk, i KNOW where you’re going…

(yeah, this is being written on turkey day so we just watched planes, trains, & automobiles.)

while noshing on leftover green chili pork quesadillas to tide us over till thanksgiving at hill’s we were doing the typical couple thing of going over shit on our i-devices rather than speaking when the ufw came across a story i couldn’t fathom…while the cuban folk are stuck in the 1950’s due to the ridiculous embargo that should have been lifted years ago yet still exists because…well…honestly, i got nothing on why it still exists:


(typical cuban parking lot circa 2014)

apparently the women of korea are taking it back to the 1970s for, again, a reason i can’t understand:


yep, for about two grand a session korean women who suffer from the “embarrassment” of not having enough pubic hair (who knew ANYBODY saw this as “a thing”?) are getting the equivalent of hair plug treatments on eve’s little garden. in their culture it’s seen as a sign of sexual desirability and fertility…

…of course, in their culture budnik is seen as a tasty snack.

in a big fat middle finger from whatever almighty these people worship the main women afflicted with “pubic atrichosis” (the scientific term for less bushy bush) are eastern asian women, the very ones that consider it more desirable to have.

guess it shows not even mother nature can make some women happy, huh?

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