all gushy and shit

today’s been a pretty awesome day…


because domino’s thin n’ crispy bacon pizza did NOT agree with the ufb’s constitution in the slightest!

now while that sucked because she couldn’t sleep ’cause her insides were at war with her it gave us a nice day together – she got to sleep in, we did a nice lunch at the original black’s bbq (my buddy erik who basically runs the place now asked me to add “the original” since there’s now a san marcos one and austin opens in october) had a cool family movie night and she got a good nap in and some alone time while i fetched the kiddo from school and then introduced him to the wonderful world of chopper bicycles.

not a bad way to spend your hump day…

…so if this if family life, i could get used to it. pretty weather, pretty good food, pretty nice weather, and a pretty girl to spend it with. now we just gotta create the facebook even and get our nuptials on!

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