a ketchup sixer

and i don’t mean a sixer about…


no, this is catching up on some little shit i don’t think needed their own bit, and while i might regret not dedicating whole bits to it if the week goes slow, i’ve got tons to do around the house and shit so i figure this will all balance out nicely…

…hope i ain’t wrong.

I – polish up your raping skills – a group of nc state students developed nail polish that changes color if it’s exposed to the more common date-raping drugs, so if somebody hands you a drink you dip your nail in it (NASTY!) and if it changes color you know what he’s thinking. not to belittle the idea, but it’s college – i don’t need nail polish to know what he’s thinking. i was there. i was thinking the same thing…i just didn’t get all shady about it, so i didn’t get nearly the amount of pussy in college i wanted.

II – rolling rough – after investing all my honeymoon money in my car i still can’t go over sixty without it feeling like a shitty carnival ride, which is not fun. i’m hoping we get this changed soon, and it has another appointment this wednesday for a thorough (four hour) inspection of the front end gratis and i didn’t have to pay for that control arm install (yet) as they said it would fix shit and it didn’t. i have a couple theories, and might start acting on them soon…time will tell, but as i told kramer “i can’t sell it riding like this, but i don’t want to sink any more money in ’cause i have a wedding to pay for…likewise, once i get it riding right i don’t wanna sell it, i wanna drive it…really fucking fast. we’ll see how this plays out.

III – what? i have at least a couple black friends – another news story i had saved i was gonna write a bit on showed that quite a few black people have white friends, but not that many white people have black friends. of course, this came out in the wake of the furgeson race shit, and so it was meant to illustrate how most white people have racist tendencies, but in reality i see this as a numbers game – one out of every ten people in the country are black, but six out of every ten or white…it’s not that we’re more fun to be friends with, it’s just that we’re harder to avoid. trust me, i know – i try to duck white folk all the time to no avail.

IV – duck…duck…social obligations – this might get amended, but we’ll see; it is, however, the classic example of “be careful what you wish for…”. a while back (years) i lamented that i wish LESS of my friends read the site as i would try to catch them up on my world and tell them what was going on and i’d just hear, “yeah, i read it on the whore…”. well now i don’t think any of them really read it, even though readership is kinda of at a peak these days (average DAILY hits these days exceed 7,000) but it means while, in the past, i could put shit up here and it passed for not making it to social events, i don’t know if it still works – so, in the case i didn’t make it to kathi’s 40th birthday, sorry but work calls and i need all the money i can what with the car issues and the wedding and all…and if i made it, i’m sure i had fun!

V – ice, ice, fuck that – despite what anybody might say or do i’m not writing a check OR dumping ice water on my head while somebody films it. it’s been done. a lot. fuck it, i ain’t playin’…

and finally…

VI – the launch? – if you follow me on facebook, check for a link for wedding shit going up today. if you don’t, i don’t know you, and i probably didn’t want you there with a few exceptions, most of which will now text me. if you’re not on my facebook and don’t have my number, i most certainly didn’t want you there.

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