“yeah, the name rings a bell” – a tweet bit

i have a twitter account i never actually use…

…this bit isn’t really changing that.

i can’t figure out what i’m supposed to do with it, actually. same with instagram (i’m m_sean_m on both, in case you wanna follow me, whatever that gets you) but at least there it’s all visual. on twitter it’s visual OR text, and you’re limited to (i think) 140 characters. i ramble. that space doesn’t do shit for me. hell, i think i used more characters than that just bitching about how few characters that is…

(stops to count and decides it’s just not worth it and proceeds with bit)

…but while instagram at least shuts up (i.e. i never get emails about it) and it comes with a decent amount of eye candy, twitter emails me. a lot. about people it feels i should follow, usually it’s people i know…and they KNOW i know them, ’cause they email and ask “do you know kramer?” or whatever the fuck. but i had to start laughing when i saw their latest mailing:

obama twitter

“Sean, Do You Know Barack Obama?”

i mean, i know OF him, but i wouldn’t say i “KNOW” him. it’s not like we hang out. he hasn’t been to a bar-b-que of mine in i can’t remember how long…and no, i still don’t follow him on twitter.

i think i may have to kill that account – i honestly can’t think of a use for it.

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