shortest flashback ever?

i typically have people pick a number to determine our flashback…

…usually somebody here at the house.

but i did this while the kiddo was at school and the ufb was at work so i took both our birthdays (6+19+1971 and 9+21+1977) and our wedding date (11+14+2014) and got the square root which gave us this little gem:

02/21/2002: “so…”

so i told the officer, “hey man…what’s the problem? it’s deer season…i’ve got my gun permit, and my hunting licence…so, what’s the issue?!?!?” and he starts going off…”blah-blah-blah…’petting zoo’….yadda-yadda-yadda…’traumatized children'” then out came the tazors, and two hours later i wake up in the trunk of his squad car. needless to say, that was THE worst birthday i ever had…

and that ends the weekly flasback bits for the summer!

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