why having a kid in the house is kinda cool, part i

i’m sure this will be a multi-part series…

…and some of it might even be a bit less self-serving, which this bit totally is.

the ufb’s kid is not a “why” kid. he doesn’t ask that a lot. basically, if you let him ramble on about pokemon or dragons or whatever the game de moment is he’s happy. seem genuinely interested in which pokemon are leveling up or shiny or whatever the fuck and he’s damn near ecstatic. but even he noticed i kept putting off a car repair.

took the bmw in to get aligned a couple weeks ago only to discover one tire was totally shot (replaced) and their was just enough play in a tie rod (a 1/4 inch) for them to NOT do an alignment…but they said the rest of the suspension was fine, save for all four rims being bent (?!?) which just means i’m now totally justified in getting a whole new set of matte black rims…

…which is pretty awesome.

this is the first repair in a while that i find myself putting off because of nerves…but trying to explain that to a ten year old, who thinks you’re pretty bad ass, is pretty difficult. there’s a lot of “um’s” in the conversation on your end, and by the time all is said and done one solitary conclusion rings through:

being afraid of this is kinda bullshit.

yeah, i could fuck things up worse. yeah, it needs an alignment pretty soon after. but as i’ve been driving around with semi-fucked alignment for god knows how long, i don’t think it’s really THAT big a fucking deal.

but the tie rod stuff had to be ordered, and i ordered what i THOUGHT was all the parts but it turns out the part that failed first (dust bellow on the steering coupling) wasn’t included with part of it like i thought it was, so today i finally got the car in the air, got the wheel off, and got started only to realize this…fortunately after i had ONLY done those two things, not started in on the suspension – so it took longer to drive to vato zone and order the part than it took to get it all back together and re-parked.

not bad.

so this gets to be continued on friday when the ufb and i will be home alone and we can take it in for the alignment before i head to work – and we’ll be all happy having seen nin and soundgarden the night before. not a bad kick off to the “weekend”…

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