can’ o satan?

i have a friend who has swastikas tattooed in his arm pits…

…and the message behind the design and placement is not “nazis stink”.

no, he argues that long before the german masters of antisemitism got a hold of them they were a symbol used in tibetan and hindu spiritual rituals that symbolized the turning of the earth and the seasons and that life is cyclical.

and that might be well and good – think those meditative thoughts while the black guy that saw them at the liquor store in the wrong part of town beats the hell out of you for being a racist and shit.

that being said, some symbols get twisted into ridiculous descriptions that couldn’t be farther from the truth. case in point? the peace symbol, which was really popularized by kramer’s generation and re-popularized in the 1980’s by mine. at the time (the 1980’s, i mean) i was told that it was symbolic symbol because it was actually an upside down cross with the arms bent down towards hell to show allegiance with the devil.


(yeah, he looks evil as all hell!)

fucking seriously?

well, thanks to the internet and people like myself needing caffeine we have a new one:


somebody noticed that the monster symbol on their cans basically broke down to this:


which breaks down to the hebrew number six three times:

hebrew 6

and with the symbol meaning “666” in hebrew and the slogan on the can being (no bullshit) “unleash the beast” the conspiracy theorist christian set went NUTS on this one. the slogan “get a fucking life” comes to mind…and now i gotta hit the fridge for a monster to wake the fuck up…

…and get a little evil in me to start the day?

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