green humor

it’s amazing what my mind comes up with on a mixture of exhaustion and…

…well…other natural inspiration.

last night i had a big picture thought while i was fighting the stress of the next forty-eight hours (alignment on the car plus major a/c repair plus getting a bed for the ufc’s kiddo plus…) and delirium due to lack of sleep:

what if all this is just a dream?

more specifically, what if all this is just a life that’s already been lived, and at this point i’m actually in a retirement home somewhere pilled out of my skull and the dogs are actually nursing home attendants i’m hallucinating are canines in my drugged out haze?

think about it:

nursing home people just lay in bed or sit in the activity room, which is basically what i do when i’m not working on the house…and the attendants follow them everywhere (as the budnik does) and trail you to the bathroom but wait outside for you to finish (as the budnik does) and then only do their own thing once you’re settled in staring at the tv in the activity room (which we call the den) (as the budnik does) and then at the end of the day they follow the retiree residents into their rooms to make sure they’re in bed nice and neat and once the lights go out, they leave (as the budnik does).

coincidence? or is my life the pilled out delusion of a septuagenarian? hell, if it’s the latter at least i landed a hot girl!

now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s pudding day!

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