bavarian irony

i hate car issues…

…and lately if feels like they never stop.

the other day it seemed like something simple enough – a slow leak in a tire. okay, not THAT slow – it would drain in an afternoon. but any problems like this make me feel like i’m on house arrest…not that i didn’t need to be; there’s a metric shit ton to do around here over the next couple of weeks. but regardless, it was annoying and made me NOT trust driving in the texas heat lest it get worse. how did i know? because while i have run-flats, which don’t look flat even when they are, i have special valve caps that look like this when pressure goes below 30 psi:


but that clear part should be green if it was good.

so the irony part? turns out the tire that kept me grounded last “weekend” (i’m off tuesday and wednesday) wasn’t the tire – it was that fucking valve cap. by design, it has to let SOME air out into the cap it self to measure the tire pressure…but when that goes awry? you end up with a leaky tire – we put it under water, and the leak was right there – but you take off the valve cap and it was fine. but it back on and bubbles streamed upward.

so, i had to pull the cap and put on another one. ironic the cap to show me my tire isn’t flat is what flattened it, huh?

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