it’s legal if you just need smokes or lottery tickets, right?

one of the things that used to piss me off…

…people taking up handicap spaces just ’cause they’re fat while my poor Mom had to walk with her cancer-ridden hip because they had the closer spaces. even worse? the people that took them up and weren’t even handicapped, but since it was free and nobody was using it (or they had grandma’s tag) it was cool, right? nope. harold had heard this story a hundred times, so late the other night he sent me this:


a recent protest saw several wheelchairs occupy twenty empty normal spaces so people couldn’t park there, but had signs in them like “well, nobody was using it” and “i’m just waiting for somebody to come out” and the like to illustrate what handicapped people go through when normal people use their spaces…


i support this completely – folks, stop being lazy!

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