clergy that touches kids? never heard of it!

i made the final decision to bid ado to organized religion back in 1996 when mom passed…

and moments like this make my decision make all the more sense.

i love facebook. why? because information seems to come in waves through it. something happens, and occasionally you hear about it right when it happens – but sometimes it takes a bit. this story is like that – it actually happened in april, with some changes since the post i saw, but i just saw it, so here wer are.

so i started this bit when the shop was slow, but then we picked up and all the links are gone, but here’s the basic gist: there was a preacher that got in some trouble for being inappropriate with kids. teenage girls, to be specific. he did a little time, got out on parole, but due to the nature of his crimes one of the stipulations of his probation was that he have no contact with minors. the problem is, kids go to church. i personally don’t think they should, but other folk feel differently. anywho, being “clergy” it seems like it would make getting a gig difficult, but a florida church wanted him so they got him in there and imposed an odd, new rule:

leave your kids at home

i have to say, i never saw that coming. that’s where the story ended on what was posted up on facebook…but in reality, they actually changed the terms of his parole or probation or whatever to stipulate that he COULD be around minors, but had to be supervised and such…which i guess will work, if he gets his life right…

…that motherfucker needs jesus.

or a good ass-whooping.

maybe a little of both.

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