a shane sixer

i know at least one reader that got nervous due to the title…

…but it’s not THAT shane.

no, this shane works in the deli at a wal-mart. when you have a dull job, you basically have three choices:

1. become dull so it doesn’t phase you
2. pretend it doesn’t phase you, eventually snap, shoot somebody
3. try and make it fun

this shane went with numero tres. the boss didn’t like it, which is apparent by whiteboard messages that keep getting left in the break room:

shane 6

see, this could be THAT shane…

shane 5

if you think your bologna only has ONE first name, think again…

shane 4

the ufc’s kid would be so proud!

shane 3

hey, we all know it’s true…

shane 2

holy fuck – there’s still albertson’s out there?!?

shane 1

anything bigger than a two piece and a biscuit is a commitment worthy of one – i’m just saying

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