and the new chapter begins

and the new chapter begins

there are moments in your life you realize that things are forever changed…

…and last night was one of them. after hauling in load number 11,142,012 of the ufc’s stuff we took the yukon back to enterprise (just as effective as a small uhaul, but cheaper and more plush) hit the store and went home. at 12:01 i announced it was july first and she now, officially, was apartmentless…

…and i’m now 125 mile commuteless!

yep, that’s how far apart we were round-trip wise. now, i just roll over and she’s there. that’s awesome…and while the next month is gonna be an insane amount of work to turn this forest of boxes around the house into a home we can start to both feel comfortable in, we have each other, we’re an indestructible team, and i figure since between the two of us we have four days off a week this should be a piece of cake…

…so let the games begin!

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